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szczotkiBrushes for electric machines produced by Electrocarbon, in their mostly typical construction forms, have been presented in three thematic catalogues. These catalogues include tables with most common used types of brush materials, sketches of brush and end housing shapes, tables with elementary brush dimensions and catalogue numbers of our drawings.

It is possible to produce brushes with another shapes and dimensions, produce with use of other brush materials, other terminal and with other cable lengths than these specified in our catalogue. Our specialists can advise and help you to choose optimal construction solutions and suitable brush material.

On our web side you can see the latest extract from brush catalogue and catalogues „Electric brushes for electrotools” and „Electric brushes for polish cars and tractors”. The whole catalogue „ELECTRIC BRUSHES” we can send you by mail.
Technical information

Szczotka współpracująca z komutatorem

The brush cooperated with commutator

Szczotka współpracująca z pierścieniem ślizgowym

The brush cooperated with sliding ring

Dimensions of brush housing are given in following order::
t x a x r

t – width measured in tangent direction to commutators or sliding ring’s perimeter,
a – length measured parallel to commutators or slip-ring’s axle,
r – the biggest height in radial direction towards commutators or slip-ring’s surface.

Standardized brush dimensions, their maximal tolerances, main dimensions of typical ends for brush lines, lines parameters ad their maximal current-carrying ability have been specified in IEC 136 (1986) „Dimensions of brushes and brush-holders for electrical machinery”. It is possible to order catalogue cards of brush ends which we use.
For connections between brush housing and brush holder we use round stranded copper cables, acc. to DIN 46438 with intersections according to IEC 228 norm, and round braided pigtail flex according to catalogue card of manufacturers.
On customer’s demand carbon brushes can be produced for application in special climate zone „sea tropic – MT” according to requirements of related norms. If brushes will be applicated outside the temperate clima zone, please specify the version in your order.
Carbon brushes are manufactured according to requirements of following norms:
PN-92/E-06735 Electric rotation machines. Definitions and nomenclature for carbon brushes, brush-holders, commutators and slip-rings.
PN-90/E-06736 Electric rotation machines. Dimensions of brushes and brush-holders.
ZN-98/FPE-181 Electric rotation machines. BRUSHES. Requirements and tests.
ZN-99/FPE-163 Electric machines for cars. BRUSHES. Requirements and tests
ZN-99/FPE-134 Brushes for electrotool motors. Requirements and tests.
All our products, including carbon brushes are manufactured according to Quality Managing System requirements for construction, production, assembly and service, compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 norms.
This system ensures high quality of our products and maximal customer’s satisfaction.



The catalogue of brushes for electrotools


The catalogue of electric brushes for polish cars and tractors


Most frequently used materials and their electrophysical properties


Main applications of brush material brands


Technical application of brushes