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Brush holders:

Brush-holders manufactured by our company are designed for:

  • commutator,
  • traction commutator,
  • ring – small,
  • middle and big power electric machines electrotools.

Brush grips can be produced in special version for use in different climatic zones: (acc. to PN-68/H-04650)
N – temperate clima zone,
TA – tropic dry climate zone,
TH – tropic climate zone,
MT – tropic sea climate zone.
Brush holders are produced in following versions:
Ms – brass holders
St – steel holders
Pressed with insulating moulding composition.
Brass grip holders (Ms) are produced in following versions:

  • tin holders,
  • copper casted holders.

Steel grip holders (St) are produced as tin holders.
There are following pressure system for brush seated in holder socket:

  • lever pressure systems with spring (new construction with pressure adjusting possibility, old one- without this possibility),
  • complete spiral spring system,
  • pressure spring system,

Pressure values per brush:

  • for brush holders designed for commutator motors we assume unit pressure 200 G/cm2,
  • for brush holders designed for traction motors we assume unit pressure 250 – 400 G/cm2,
  • for brush holders designed for slip-ring motors we assume unit pressure 200 – 300 G/cm2.
  • Construction details of brush holders are shown on drawings, main dimensions are given in tables in catalogue cards.

Our specialists can help you to choose suitable constructional version.
All our products are produced according to requirements of Quality Managing System in area of construction, production, assembly and service, compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2000 AND ISO/TS 16949:2002.
Brush holders are very strong controlled in aspect of main dimensions: brush socket, pressure and reach are controlled in 100%. Besides, we are regularly controlling the quality of all dimensions of manufactured parts and components. Our system enhances the quality of our products and ensures maximal customer’s satisfaction.



The catalogue of brush holders