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About Comapny:


Electrotechnical Parts Manufacturer „EMA – Elektrocarbon” was established in 1930. After the World War II in 1945 the company was developed, production was begun and included: production of brushes, brush-holders and commutators. The name of the company was changed from „Elektrografit” into „Elektrocarbon„.

On 8th April 2008 the Minister of State Treasury carried out a transformation of the state-owned enterprise factory of electrotechnical components „Ema-Elektrocarbon” into an Ltd. company „Elektrocarbon”.


Production profile

The company has been well known and esteemed producer of brushes – electrical machinery parts.

At present the production includes:

  • Electrical brushes for all AC and DC current machines (also for motorization, household equipment, electric machines, industry, trams and cars communication, in energetics),
  • Commutators and slip-ring heads,
  • Brush-holders,
  • Parts for gas-meters and pressure regulators,
  • Fine metal casts – presser and shell casts,
  • Thermohardening mouldings,
  • Connectors-flexible shaft for drilling machines
  • Furthermore, the company renders services of performance of galvanic covers – zinc and tin covers.


Our clients

  • PKP – Cargo – Regional Transport, Intercity, PLK and ZNTK’s: electric brushes and brush holders for electric traction
  • REMY Automotive – Swidnica, Visteon – Praszka, ZEM – Duszniki, ZEM – Namysłów:: electric brushes for automotive industry
  • Intergaz – Tarnowskie Góry: metal components, aluminium pressure castings, mouldings from thermo-hardening materials
  • Delphi – Polska, A+f Grossieren – Germany: aluminium pressure castings for automotive industry
  • Polish steelworks: electric brushes, brush holders
  • Power industry: electric brushes for turbo-generators for power plants
  • Mines of hard and brown coal: electric brushes
  • Celma Tools – Cieszyn: electric brushes, brush holders and commutators for electro-tools
  • Fad – Niewiadów, Asel – Wrocław, Mesko – Skarżysko Kamienna: electric brushes and commutators for household equipment


The politics of quality

In 1999 factory implemented the quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001. Reimplementation was done in 2002. In 2003 company was granted the Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2008. The certificates no. 44 111 071589 was granted TÜV CERT-TÜV NORD Hannover.