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What we offer:

Commutators and slip – ring heads
Commutators TECHNICAL INFORMATION Elektrocarbon is manufacturing cylindrical c [...]

Brushes for electric machines produced by Electrocarbon, in their mostly typical [...]

Brush holders
TECHNICAL INFORMATION Brush-holders manufactured by our company are designed fo [...]

Fine Metal Casts
The factory produces the brass and aluminium pressure casts, designed for automo [...]

About company:


Electrotechnical Parts Manufacturer „EMA – Elektrocarbon” was established in 1930. After the World War II in 1945 the company was developed, production was begun and included: production of brushes, brush-holders and commutators. The name of the company was changed from „Elektrografit” into „Elektrocarbon”.
On 8th April 2008 the Minister of State Treasury carried out a transformation of the state-owned enterprise factory of electrotechnical components „Ema-Elektrocarbon” into an Ltd. company „Elektrocarbon”.